Surprise Find in Copenhagen: Nachos at Rosie McGee’s

While at an Irish bar watching an England vs. Iceland “football” game (European Championship 2016) in Copenhagen, Denmark, we very pleasantly stumbled upon the Mexican menu – and had to have the nachos yo. And the reviews were: “it’s really good…try them, I’m being serious” – Tina Patel.

Upon their  arrival, our first observation was, wow, they actually look pretty good, presented in a skillet with the nachos ever so slightly browned at the edges and cheddar cheese melted in several layers. The condiments were all on the side in individual pots: the guac was ok, not so chunky or fresh and a bit too creamy, but still quite tasty with multiple flavor layers. The salsa was too sweet and quite bland – we passed on most of it. The sour cream was good – although it’s not hard to get that wrong. And the jalapeños were good although could have been more spicy.

Overall, the nachos were a pleasant surprise, were all polished off…and was a good distraction to the outcome of the football game (which saw England exit Europe for the second time in under a week).

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Hub 51 Nachos – Chicago


This delicious plate of nachos was ordered by three of us before a big meal. We specifically asked the waitress if we would be able to squeeze in the nachos as an appetizer so she gave us the “small” size. And while the picture doesn’t capture it, this “small” platter would have been enough for our total meal!  Hub 51 is not Mexican and has a variety of food ranging from sushi to nachos which makes one cautious- but no complaints and we did in fact eat nachos plus much more! Variety of ingredients, evenness of distribution, meltiness of cheese, presentation including salsa pitcher and cilantro, and crispiness of chips result in a 5 out of 5 rating.

Basket of Nachos-The Bulldog, NE Minneapolis

After bidding adieu to Los Angeles, we found ourselves settling back into life in Minneapolis pretty easily.  We were excited to try out the creative new restaurants that had sprung up since we moved & eager to return to our favs.  I, myself, was thrilled when a group of old co-workers wanted to gather for HH at the Bulldog.  I love their HH specials & beer selections-$2 off delicious apps & drink specials (I usually get a Surly Furious or Fulton Sweet Child of Vine, but opted for the Saison Dupont during this visit).  Let’s get to the details!

Toppings: Savory beef brisket, quest fresco, picked jalapeños & onions.  Served with a side of guac, pick de gallo & cilantro creme fraiche.   Loved the brisket & pickled veggies, but the queso fresco was minimal & didn’t have enough staying power to be effective in this dish.  Nachos should be all about the cheese, right?!  The guac & pick de gallo were delicious, but I would have appreciated a bigger portion of these items.  The cilantro crime fraiche could have been left out of the app, was much to runny to act as a dip.  3/5

Topping to chip ratio:  Close to ideal, but i did wish we had a few more chips to scoop up the remaining toppings so we could participate in the clean plate club.  3.5/5

Freshness:  The chips were warm & tasted fresh out of the fryer.  The toppings were bright & colorful without a hint of having hung around the cooler too long.  5/5

Crunchiness of chips:  The toppings weren’t particularly heavy (even the brisket, which was strange) and the chips kept their shape & crunch throughout.  I think the lack of cheese definitely helped out in this category.  We gobbled them up pretty fast, but even if we hadn’t I think they would have fared pretty nicely!  5/5

Creativity: The brisket was awesome & I liked the pickled onions & jalapeños.  I might have added Monterey cheese & pinto beans to the nachos to make them even more hearty.  3.5/5

Total: 20/25

Bulldog Basket of Nachos

Bulldog Basket of Nachos

Nachos – Beverly Hills, MI

The last night of our girls weekend in Beverly HIlls Michigan was full of wine, basketball, teaching Katie about Facebook, and some truly awesome homemade nachos (thanks to Matt).  We bought some of the toppings at the farmer’s market that we had visited earlier in the day after a great brunch and tour of Detroit!

Toppings:  The toppings included a chorizo/black bean mix (which I tended to eat on its own after I finished some of the nachos), fresh avocado, tomatoes, melted cheese and cilantro with sour cream and salsa on the side.  The chorizo and bean mix had the perfect amount of heat that was offset by the freshness of the avocado and tomatoes!  The toppings were distributed perfectly and cooked to perfection. 5/5

Topping to chip ratio:  There might have been a few leftover chips at the end but I used those to have some of the great salsa and put some of the extra chorizo/black bean mix!  4/5

Freshness:  Because I know a couple of the toppings were bought just that day at the farmer’s market I can vouch for the freshness of the ingredients 5/5

Crunchiness of Chips:  Although these chips were a step up from a normal grocery store and they did stay crunchy even under all those toppings, I have to take it down 1 point since they weren’t homemade 🙂  4/5

Creativity:  I liked the thought of mixing the chorizo and black beans together which gave the beans more flavor and also thought the sliced avocado instead of the standard guacamole gave it a much different feel.  4.5/5

Total Score:  22.5/25



Nachos, Tony P’s, Marina Del Rey, CA

IMG_2059 (1)

Tony P’s is one of our favorite restaurants in the Marina that  my husband & I discovered before we had moved here (Angelenos-don’t judge us!).  We absolutely love the amazing little restaurants that are all over LA and frequent them often.  But when we have guests from out of town who just don’t appreciate the communaldining/mustusevalet parking/$20 craft cocktail type of place we take them to Tony P’s!  The portions are the size of Olive Garden’s and their menu is reminiscent of a mid-western supper club.  The views of the Marina are beautiful and the service is always really good.  So it’s a win-win.  Score.

The Nachos are no longer on the menu and I feel like a true regular when I ask for them.  But they are worth the calories.  Every.Single.Time.

Toppings: Pulled pork chili, monterey jack & cheddar cheeses, sour cream, salsa, scallions.  The pulled pork chili is delicious with rich flavor & big chunks of savory pork that easily breaks apart to get the perfect amount on your chip.  The cheese is perfectly melted and was distributed evenly throughout the plate.  The salsa was spicy-a bit runny for a nacho topping IMO, but the heat made up for it!  Score: 5/5

Topping to chip ratio: Just about perfect.  There wasn’t much left on the plate after we devoured it, but enough to know they got the ratio just right.  Score: 5/5

Freshness: All of the toppings seemed fresh and there were no hints that it had been sitting around before being served; however, there were no produce items on the nachos which would have been a dead give away on the level of freshness of the nachos.  Score: 5/5

Cruchiness of chips:  The chips stayed crunchy throughout and didn’t sog under the weight of the cheese.  Some of the chips were a little greasy, but still edible.  Score: 4/5

Creativity: These nachos were pretty standard, but the pulled pork chili added an extra element of creativity and flavor. Using a combination of cheeses also added an extra dimension of flavor and made for a pretty presentation. Score: 3.5/5

Overall score: 22.5/25

Herr’s Factory Tour

Pragya having grown in Pittsburgh loves Herr’s potato chips so we did the free chip tour today.  It was fascinating to learn the history of the Jim and Mim Herr and taste chips warm right off the assembly line.  If you are near the Nottingham Pennsylvania area, definitely a stop you should make!!

IMG_2282 IMG_2273IMG_2284

Superbowl Dorichos

What superbowl is complete without a homemade batch of nachos?  Luckily for us, Andy made a wonderful batch yesterday along with macaroni and cheese and peanut butter chocolate bars.

Toppings:  BBQ chicken, black beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, with sour cream and guacamole and jalapenos on the side.  There was a mix of gruyere and 2 types of cheddar cheeses along with both tortilla and dorito chips.  Cheese could have been melted a little more . . . 4/5 stars

Topping to chip ratio:  Pragya could have used more cheese on the chips since the chips weren’t “soggy” enough for her 3.5/5

Freshness: Nachos and toppings were very fresh – crisp iceberg lettuce and fresh tomatoes.  The guacamole was also extremely fresh.  5/5

Crunchiness of chips:  Chips were crunchy and the addition of the doritos was an unexpected touch.  Excellent!  5/5

Creativeness: Doritos added an exceptional creative touch along with bbq chicken and different types of cheese.  5/5

Total: 22.5/25 stars