Basket of Nachos-The Bulldog, NE Minneapolis

After bidding adieu to Los Angeles, we found ourselves settling back into life in Minneapolis pretty easily.  We were excited to try out the creative new restaurants that had sprung up since we moved & eager to return to our favs.  I, myself, was thrilled when a group of old co-workers wanted to gather for HH at the Bulldog.  I love their HH specials & beer selections-$2 off delicious apps & drink specials (I usually get a Surly Furious or Fulton Sweet Child of Vine, but opted for the Saison Dupont during this visit).  Let’s get to the details!

Toppings: Savory beef brisket, quest fresco, picked jalapeños & onions.  Served with a side of guac, pick de gallo & cilantro creme fraiche.   Loved the brisket & pickled veggies, but the queso fresco was minimal & didn’t have enough staying power to be effective in this dish.  Nachos should be all about the cheese, right?!  The guac & pick de gallo were delicious, but I would have appreciated a bigger portion of these items.  The cilantro crime fraiche could have been left out of the app, was much to runny to act as a dip.  3/5

Topping to chip ratio:  Close to ideal, but i did wish we had a few more chips to scoop up the remaining toppings so we could participate in the clean plate club.  3.5/5

Freshness:  The chips were warm & tasted fresh out of the fryer.  The toppings were bright & colorful without a hint of having hung around the cooler too long.  5/5

Crunchiness of chips:  The toppings weren’t particularly heavy (even the brisket, which was strange) and the chips kept their shape & crunch throughout.  I think the lack of cheese definitely helped out in this category.  We gobbled them up pretty fast, but even if we hadn’t I think they would have fared pretty nicely!  5/5

Creativity: The brisket was awesome & I liked the pickled onions & jalapeños.  I might have added Monterey cheese & pinto beans to the nachos to make them even more hearty.  3.5/5

Total: 20/25

Bulldog Basket of Nachos

Bulldog Basket of Nachos