Nachos – Beverly Hills, MI

The last night of our girls weekend in Beverly HIlls Michigan was full of wine, basketball, teaching Katie about Facebook, and some truly awesome homemade nachos (thanks to Matt).  We bought some of the toppings at the farmer’s market that we had visited earlier in the day after a great brunch and tour of Detroit!

Toppings:  The toppings included a chorizo/black bean mix (which I tended to eat on its own after I finished some of the nachos), fresh avocado, tomatoes, melted cheese and cilantro with sour cream and salsa on the side.  The chorizo and bean mix had the perfect amount of heat that was offset by the freshness of the avocado and tomatoes!  The toppings were distributed perfectly and cooked to perfection. 5/5

Topping to chip ratio:  There might have been a few leftover chips at the end but I used those to have some of the great salsa and put some of the extra chorizo/black bean mix!  4/5

Freshness:  Because I know a couple of the toppings were bought just that day at the farmer’s market I can vouch for the freshness of the ingredients 5/5

Crunchiness of Chips:  Although these chips were a step up from a normal grocery store and they did stay crunchy even under all those toppings, I have to take it down 1 point since they weren’t homemade 🙂  4/5

Creativity:  I liked the thought of mixing the chorizo and black beans together which gave the beans more flavor and also thought the sliced avocado instead of the standard guacamole gave it a much different feel.  4.5/5

Total Score:  22.5/25