Nachos, Tony P’s, Marina Del Rey, CA

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Tony P’s is one of our favorite restaurants in the Marina that  my husband & I discovered before we had moved here (Angelenos-don’t judge us!).  We absolutely love the amazing little restaurants that are all over LA and frequent them often.  But when we have guests from out of town who just don’t appreciate the communaldining/mustusevalet parking/$20 craft cocktail type of place we take them to Tony P’s!  The portions are the size of Olive Garden’s and their menu is reminiscent of a mid-western supper club.  The views of the Marina are beautiful and the service is always really good.  So it’s a win-win.  Score.

The Nachos are no longer on the menu and I feel like a true regular when I ask for them.  But they are worth the calories.  Every.Single.Time.

Toppings: Pulled pork chili, monterey jack & cheddar cheeses, sour cream, salsa, scallions.  The pulled pork chili is delicious with rich flavor & big chunks of savory pork that easily breaks apart to get the perfect amount on your chip.  The cheese is perfectly melted and was distributed evenly throughout the plate.  The salsa was spicy-a bit runny for a nacho topping IMO, but the heat made up for it!  Score: 5/5

Topping to chip ratio: Just about perfect.  There wasn’t much left on the plate after we devoured it, but enough to know they got the ratio just right.  Score: 5/5

Freshness: All of the toppings seemed fresh and there were no hints that it had been sitting around before being served; however, there were no produce items on the nachos which would have been a dead give away on the level of freshness of the nachos.  Score: 5/5

Cruchiness of chips:  The chips stayed crunchy throughout and didn’t sog under the weight of the cheese.  Some of the chips were a little greasy, but still edible.  Score: 4/5

Creativity: These nachos were pretty standard, but the pulled pork chili added an extra element of creativity and flavor. Using a combination of cheeses also added an extra dimension of flavor and made for a pretty presentation. Score: 3.5/5

Overall score: 22.5/25