Herr’s Factory Tour

Pragya having grown in Pittsburgh loves Herr’s potato chips so we did the free chip tour today.  It was fascinating to learn the history of the Jim and Mim Herr and taste chips warm right off the assembly line.  If you are near the Nottingham Pennsylvania area, definitely a stop you should make!!

IMG_2282 IMG_2273IMG_2284

Superbowl Dorichos

What superbowl is complete without a homemade batch of nachos?  Luckily for us, Andy made a wonderful batch yesterday along with macaroni and cheese and peanut butter chocolate bars.

Toppings:  BBQ chicken, black beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, with sour cream and guacamole and jalapenos on the side.  There was a mix of gruyere and 2 types of cheddar cheeses along with both tortilla and dorito chips.  Cheese could have been melted a little more . . . 4/5 stars

Topping to chip ratio:  Pragya could have used more cheese on the chips since the chips weren’t “soggy” enough for her 3.5/5

Freshness: Nachos and toppings were very fresh – crisp iceberg lettuce and fresh tomatoes.  The guacamole was also extremely fresh.  5/5

Crunchiness of chips:  Chips were crunchy and the addition of the doritos was an unexpected touch.  Excellent!  5/5

Creativeness: Doritos added an exceptional creative touch along with bbq chicken and different types of cheese.  5/5

Total: 22.5/25 stars


Cantina Dos Segundos Nachos – Philadelphia, PA

Pragya came to visit this weekend and we headed up to Philly for the night to have some nachos (of course).  The place was full of hipsters so we fit right in but the food was to die for!  Outside of the chicken nachos, we had a shrimp ceviche which had a lot of asian flavors, and chorizo and potatoes, and fried chicken tacos.  Review of nachos below:

Toppings:  Poblano pulled chicken, corn, black beans, cheese, pickled jalapenos, and creme fraiche.   The chicken was some of the best the group has had on nachos.  Katie actually said she could have eaten the toppings as a meal it was so good.  5/5 stars

Topping to chip ratio:  “It was my perfect topping to chip ratio (Pragya)”.  Andy and Katie might have wanted a couple more chips since some seemed a little soggy (which is the way Pragya likes her chips).  Weighing the ratings, we came up with a 4/5

Freshness: Group agreed that the chips were very fresh and homeade and the chicken was freshly marinated and awesome 5/5

Crunchiness of chips:  Homemade crunchy chips and the parts that needed to be soggy were soggy.  Excellent!  5/5

Creativeness:  The spices of the chicken were extremely creative but the rest of the nachos, probably not as creative.  BUT they were so good, we decided to give 5 stars  5/5

Total: 24/25 stars