“Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me”

Since my fellow bloggers have been raving about Mindy Kaling’s show (which I haven’t yet watched), I thought I would give her book a try.  It was truly hilarious and I found it similar to Tina Fey’s book with the personal stories and insights into her life growing up.  A definite recommended good read and I knew I would like it when on page 5 she writes, “I would like to be friends with Beyonce Knowles” because I also would like to be friends with Beyonce and Pink.

I really enjoyed the chapter on Karaoke though – I’ve included a my favorite quote below cause it’s so true and it reminds me of when we had a karaoke machine in our Gilman house that one summer:

“When I pick songs for karaoke, I have 3 concerns; (1) What will this song say about me? (2) How will I sound singing it? and (3) How will it make people feel?  The Key is that the third one matters the most, by a factor of a hundred.  When most people sing karaoke, they think of themselves as contestants on American Idol, and they sing and perform their hearts out.  But I really think people should be thinking of themselves more as temporary DJs for a party.  It’s kind of a responsibility.”

One thought on ““Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me”

  1. I’m so glad you picked this book as your first book blog post. And I’m super glad to hear you have read it– and enjoyed it! I loved the book and love her. Glad you brought up the reference to Beyonce– I forgot she mentioned it. I (obviously) would also love to be friends with Beyonce. As well as friends with Mindy. I mean, I think the 5 of us (Katie, Pragya, Liz, Mindy, Beyonce) would make quite a friend combo. Liz, hope you can make this happen out in LA.
    I love the quote you presented, she has so many good insights into life (she does on the show as well!). In a recent episode, she says her goal in life is to find a husband so she doesn’t have to work and can blog all day (ahem). I will also add that I love the title. I find myself having to ask that question sometimes.

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