Irish Nachos at Finn McCool’s in Santa Monica, CA

On a recent Sunday funday I found myself out with friends, drinking beers, watching football and enjoying another glorious Sunday afternoon in Southern California.  We left the crazy frat party like atmosphere of Brick + Mortar and headed to the cool and calm Finn McCool’s which was right down the block.  We claimed an empty part of the bar directly across from a big screen & ordered up the first of several rounds.  When happy hour (yep-they have a Sunday happy hour even during football games!) rolled around, I perused the menu and ordered the Irish Nachos-against the advice of one of my friends who warned me they weren’t very good…but, I was hungry and have had really yummy Irish nachos in the past so decided to give them a try (plus, I do run a Nacho blog!).  When they finally arrived I was super excited, they looked tasty & I eagerly popped one of the thick cut potatoes into my mouth.  All I tasted was bland nothingness.  I was amazed that even with cheese, Irish bacon, Sour Cream and tomato salsa they still tasted…bland.  Never in my life have I eaten this combination of foods where it had completely no taste.  It still baffles me as to how they managed to pull this off.  I really want to eat there again to see if their other options have the same problem.  I’m hoping not because I really liked the atmosphere of the bar, plus it’s in a great location along Main Street in Santa Monica!  And I have a soft spot in my heart for Irish bars…doesn’t everyone?!


Toppings:  Cheddar cheese, Irish bacon, sour cream and tomato salsa…all bland.  1/5 stars

Topping to potato ratio:  This was pretty good overall I thought…had they tasted good & I eaten more I think I would have been pretty satisfied with this category.  5/5

Freshness: I guess it appeared freshly made?  Not to be redundant (Redundancy Department of Redundancy is one of my favorite sayings on a t-shirt!), but the tomato salsa appeared to be made fresh, but lacked any flavor so either it was made too fresh & the flavors didn’t have time to marinate together or it was so old it just sucked.  My palate really couldn’t tell the difference with this one:( 2.5/5

Crunchiness of chips:  I’m going to count the texture of the potato on this one which was pretty spot on-not too mushy, not too crisp.  Baby bear would say it was “just right”!  5/5

Creativeness:  At most of the Irish bars/restaurants I’ve been to they have some form of Irish nachos on the menu so I didn’t think this was any more creative than most.  I do think they attempted to do something different with the tomato salsa vs. regular tomatoes, so I’ll give them a few stars!  2/5

Total: 14.5/25 stars