Happy Birthday Pragya

Although the birthday girl herself beat me to posting something about her birthday, I wanted to post a special video to commemorate the day!!  This is an artist that was very popular while we were in college and collaborated a lot with Biggie and Puff Daddy or P Diddy.  Whenever I hear his songs, although not very frequently, it takes me back to freshman year of college hanging with Pragya in the dorms watching music videos and sometimes even recording them on VHS tapes!!

Hope you are having a great day Pragya!

One thought on “Happy Birthday Pragya

  1. I just realized I never commented on this one, but love this post. I can practically hear Carson Daly’s voice on Total Request Live announcing this video as we were waiting to tape it! Love love love P Diddy and Mase, Mase’s continuous dance moves in the background, and his awesome lyrics.

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