Foux Du Fafa

My husband & I are taking a belated honeymoon to Switzerland next week.  We couldn’t be more excited!  Or Nervous.  Well, I”m nervous…my husband is calm.   He has planned international trips before in the time span of one week, I need much, much more planning & freak out about every detail.  I sound fun to be married to, right?!   I’m super nervous about not being able to speak French or German fluently-or really at all. I tried to learn some French, but it is really, really hard to learn!  When I was in college my fellow bloggers both spoke French fluently and I would just make up sentences that consisted of “Bonjour, Merci, S’ il vous plait, Au Voir, Oui Oui, Je m’apelle” since those were the only words I know.  Pragya sent me this video to make me laugh & it did the trick:)  Merci Pragya, Merci.


2 thoughts on “Foux Du Fafa

  1. I’m lol-ing!!! And you are going to have an AMAZING time!!! do not stress about the details, all the fun is going to happen in between the details. And if you think Katie and I were fluent in french when we lived in Paris, hahaha! we could barely figure out how to ask how to get to our apt when we first arrived! and we survived! Also, don’t do what my Dad did in Germany when he kept trying to speak louder and more slowly to people who didn’t speak English. hahaha

  2. OMG this video is so perfect for you – i was dying watching it over and over (Anne also loved it). Agreed with Pragya about not stressing and everything will work. HAVE FUN!!

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