Musical Mondays Happy Hour Nachos, Eleven Bar & Nightclub, West Hollywood, CA

Katie & Pragya enjoying the night!

Katie & Pragya enjoying the night!



After our extremely exciting taping of Arsenio Hall, in which we came oh so close to getting our big big break (can you spot us in the audience?  I was almost picked to participate!), we decided we needed more nachos & cocktails. And since we were in West Hollywood, it just seemed fitting to stop off at a gay bar with a great patio, enter Eleven Bar & Nightclub. Little did we know we were about to be introduced to our master parodist waiter OR stumble upon West Hollywoods lip synced version of classic showtunes OR order surprisingly good nachos all while sipping 2 for 1 margaritas.

Toppings: Standard nacho fare…chicken, melted cheddar, black beans, sour cream, guac & tomato salsa topped with a little bit of green onion:) The cheese could have been melted more uniformly & the chicken didn’t taste the freshest, but overall yummy:) 3/5

Topping to chip ratio: A little bit of topping left over…3.5/5

Freshness: I already mentioned the chicken didn’t taste all that fresh and all the other toppings had a pretty typical bar quality freshness to them. The tomato salsa seemed the freshest which is a good sign! 3/5

Crunchiness of chips: Maintained their crunch the whole way through! Might have been due to the lack of evenly melted cheese, but it was really easy to pile on the toppings since the chips stayed crunchy! 5/5

Creativeness: This was pretty standard nacho fare, which I like. I seem to be a purist with my nachos so I was okay with this:) 4/5

Total ranking of 18.5/25

Eleven Nachos

Eleven Nachos

One thought on “Musical Mondays Happy Hour Nachos, Eleven Bar & Nightclub, West Hollywood, CA

  1. Love this post and agree with your rating. Was good, but not lick the plate-Solvang-Brewery good. As a shout out to our Arsenio experience: Q: tell us about a weird thing you do in your free time. A: blog about nachos. Hahaha.

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