Carrot Juicing Help

So ladies, have you tried and had any luck with making carrot juice??  Every time I’ve gotten it at a juice bar, I think it’s so delicious.  But it hasn’t been the same when I’ve made it myself.  I use whole carrots and tried adding lemon, ginger, and ice this last time.  Maybe I need to try carrot and apple.  If you have any delicious ideas, please share!

3 thoughts on “Carrot Juicing Help

  1. You definitely need apples when juicing carrots! I think pears would work too…I think it’s getting the right ratio of the different fruits & vegetables. Good luck!

  2. Had a successful carrot juicing experience tonight!! Did 2 carrots, kale, a cucumber and 2 pears. Probably too much fruit to make it really healthy, but it tasted really good!!

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