Loteria Grill – Farmers Market, Los Angeles

As a thank you to our wonderful hosts in Los Angeles, Liz and Jon, we went out to dinner at Loteria Grill in the farmers market.  The atmosphere was awesome and had so many fun restaurants and stands but I am extremely happy we picked Loteria Grill.  We got nachos (of course) and a mix of tacos.  I’ll focus on nachos for this review, but the mix of toppings in the tacos were also wonderful!

Toppings:  Pretty standard for a nacho including black beans, a mix of cheeses, salsa, pico de gallo, onion cilantro and we added on chicken.  Although the toppings were standard, it was the quality, and amount of toppings that they included which was really extraordinary.  5/5

Toppings to Chip Ratio – For the amount of toppings these nachos had, there really wasn’t too many leftover  . . .  4.5/5

Freshness: These didn’t have a ton of fresh ingredients but the Pico, onions and cilantro added a nice freshness to the nachos overall and the ingredients were of very good quality particularly the chicken and cheeses!  4.5/5

Crunchiness of Chips:  I honestly can’t remember if the chips were home-made or not due to the vast amount of toppings over them but I do remember thinking how well the chips stayed crispy underneath all those toppings which was a victory in itself!!  5/5

Creativeness:  Although the toppings and nachos weren’t that creative, these were executed so well and had such quality ingredients that our group gave them the best rating of all the nachos we ate together that week!  5/5

Total ranking of of 24 our of 25 or 96%

Nachos at Loteria Grill

Nachos at Loteria Grill

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