Carnitas Nachos – Solvang Brewing Company

After our BIG half marathon run, we needed some much deserved fuel and headed to Solvang Brewing Company for some drinks and nachos!

Toppings:  Pretty standard for a nacho including black beans, a mix of cheeses, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa.  The two toppings that made these nachos unique were the spicy pickled veggies and the carnitas (we got this on the side).  The chips were also made in-house and were amazing!  The toppings were so good that someone in our party was licking the plate as our server returned.  He proceeded to say “Wow, you guys really KILLED those nachos”.  4.5/5

Toppings to Chip Ratio – This was also done very well and we had absolutely no leftovers but that may have been because  someone was licking any leftovers up with her fingers!  4.5/5

Freshness: The chips were very fresh and I really enjoyed the addition of the pickled vegetables but there weren’t many fresh veggies on there like tomatoes and lettuce which I always enjoy.  3.5/5

Crunchiness of Chips:  The chips were truly excellent – one of the best parts of the nachos!!  5/5

Creativeness:  I gave them a couple stars for the creative use of the “spicy pickled veggies” and the pulled pork.  4.5/5

Total ranking of of 23 our of 25 or 92%

Solvang Nachos with some signature beers

Solvang Nachos with some signature beers

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