El Vez, Nacho Mamma – Philadelphia, PA

Andy and I visited El Vez about 2 years ago and had the nacho mammas at that point and since then had always held them as a very high standard for nachos. We were a little concerned when we visited on Saturday that maybe they were over-hyped in our memory but that was not the case!

Toppings:  Pretty standard for a nacho including black beans, a mix of cheeses, sour cream, a very spicy hot sauce, and tomatoes with a leafy green on top.  Although standard, the mix of all the ingredients was excellent and they complimented each other nicely and weren’t too heavy which many times sour cream is on nachos.  Add this to in-house made tortilla chips and it’s a recipe for success!  4.5/5

Toppings to Chip Ratio – This was also done perfectly and we had absolutely no leftovers except what was sitting on Anne’s plate since she doesn’t eat anything!  5/5

Freshness: The chips were very fresh and I really enjoyed the addition of the “mystery greens” on top of the nachos.  We also ordered a side of guacamole,which is a little annoying it didn’t come with the nachos, but it was excellent and you could tell it was made to order (cause it took a while to bring it out).  4/5 – marked down cause we had to order the guacamole separately.

Crunchiness of Chips:  The chips were truly excellent – one of the best parts of the nachos!!  5/5

Creativeness:  I gave them a couple stars for the creative use of the “mystery greens” and a drizzle of hot sauce instead of using the standard jalapenos but overall not extremely creative nachos, just nachos that were executed very well! 4/5

Final ranking of 22.5 out of 25 or 90%



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