BWW’s Triple Threat Nachos-Los Angeles, CA (and every major US city)



Oh Buffalo Wild Wings.  The triple threat nachos should really be re-named “One threat nachos with some other stuff”.  I should have stuck to the wings.  I usually get Spicy Garlic & Hot BBQ wings, but when we stopped by the local BWW’s pre-Muppet Movie, I decided to go a little crazy…I mean, we were about to see the Muppet movie after all…and it was 2pm on a Saturday.  We.  Are.  Wild.


The nachos were split into thirds and each section had a different set of toppings.  The first section was a sweet pulled pork (Honey BBQ sauce) with queso & cilantro-yum!  I could have eaten a whole plate of those nachos.  The second section was a buffalo chicken type of topping with fried chunks of chicken with spicy garlic sauce, blue cheese & celery-a bit heavy for a nacho topping.  I mostly just ate the chicken separate from the chips since the spicy garlic is my favorite sauce!  The third section was some sort of meaty chili+queso=unedible.  Total stars: 2/5


So many leftover chips it was just sadness all around.  I would have asked for salsa to eat with the leftover chips but BWW has the worst salsa of any restaurant chain I’ve been to.  It tastes like generic salted tomatoes.  No thanks.  I’ll just let the extra chips sit lonely on my plate.  Total stars: 1/5


Hhhmmm…tough category.  This is Buffalo Wild Wings after all, I don’t come here to eat fresh food.  I come here to drink beer & eat delicious fried wings & watch sports.  But my food was hot & it tasted like it had been recently prepared as opposed to sitting under a heat lamp all day, so…Total stars: 2.5/5

Crunchiness of chips

Not a soggy chip in the bunch…probably due to lack of toppings!  But, when the toppings were as heavy as they were, a crisp chip is much appreciated.  Total stars: 5/5


I like the idea of three sets of toppings on nachos & I like that BWW’s took a bit of a risk with the Spicy garlic chicken ingredients since they were so heavy & dense, but the meaty chili topping was inedible & disappointing.  I think they could have used a shredded chicken instead of the fried and maybe they could have incorporated Caribbean Jerk sauce into one of the toppings? or the Teriyaki?  Total stars: 2.5/5

My final ranking is 13/20: 65%


One thought on “BWW’s Triple Threat Nachos-Los Angeles, CA (and every major US city)

  1. Liz – I totally agree with your assessment of BW3 nachos . . . Andy and I have had them and were extremely disappointed. Wings are definitely the way to go here!!!

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