I picked “Glamorous” by Fergie as my first video posting as this song always reminds me of when Katie, Liz, and I were on a weekend-long girl’s trip in Florida.  This song was one of our theme songs for the weekend and I’m pretty sure describes how we looked and behaved all weekend.  As I was preparing for this post, this was actually my first time watching Fergie’s video for this song.  The video pretty much serves to illustrate the lyrics of this song.  The video starts out with a shout out to Luda, who is one of my favorite hip-hopsters and am glad is featured on this song, followed by what I assume is Fergie in her non-glamorous days: that’s right, drinking out of solo red cups, wearing t-shirts, and big gold hoops.  The video goes on to illustrate such scenes as her drive throughs at Taco Bell (including a throw-back 80s scene in her old days!), her on her glamorous film jet plans and film sets, and even her talking to her daddy.  Although Fergie does indeed look very glamorous in certain scenes, and even captures some emotional expressions like when she gets so annoyed with her glamorous lifestyle, she needs to knock over a champagne glass, I feel what the video is missing is a lot more dancing scenes. While this song and video has a lot of sentimental value to me, I’m going to have to rate it as a 2.5 out of 5.

Enjoy and as an extra bonus, I’ve added a link to her lyrics.

One thought on “Glamorous

  1. Her lyrics are so profound:). What does flossy flossy mean? Did you know she is from Hacienda Heights, which is technically a East of downtown Los Angeles, but definitely not the ghetto! I wonder if they gave keggers there?!

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