La Pena Nachos – Kennett Square PA

Andy and I were looking for some good authentic mexican food on Sunday and came across this little gem.  Although the exterior doesn’t look like much, the food was authentic and they had a very interesting take on nachos.   We’ll see how they stack up against the other contenders at the end:

Toppings:  The toppings were very simple but all came together very well.  It was interesting since this might be the first time that I had nachos where the cheese wasn’t melted on the chips but instead on a serving of refried beans (which you could then dip the chips in).  In addition, there were fresh tomatoes and chunks of avocado (no guacamole) along with a couple salsas for dipping.   I thought the presentation of the beans/cheese and using avocado chunks made these nachos very unique.  I would say an area for improvement would be the addition of a couple toppings that I enjoy on nachos like fresh lettuce, sour cream, or olives.  Total stars 3.5/5

Toppings to chip ratio – this was almost perfect but we did have some leftover toppings (maybe 1 or 2 chips worth).  Total stars 4/5

Freshness – The tomatoes and avocado that were included on the nachos were very fresh, and chips made in house.  Total stars 4.5/5

Crunchiness of chips – these chips were the highlight of the nachos.  They were homemade and not a single one was soggy.  Total stars 5/5

Creativeness – Although the ingredients were pretty standard for nachos, I really enjoyed the uniqueness of these nachos in the presentation.  Total stars 3/5

My final ranking is 20 out of 25: 80%

IMG_1688 IMG_1690

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