Sante Fe (Wilmington, DE) BBQ Pork Nachos

Last night Andy and I got take-out nachos from a local taqueria.  Let’s start by saying take-out nachos are not an easy thing for restaurants to do well, and overall these nachos lived up to the hype.  I like to rate on the below categories but overall, these would be rated very strong:

Toppings – Nachos were loaded with melted cheese, pinto beans, BBQ pulled pork, some lettuce.  Jalapenos came on the side as well as sour cream and guacamole.  The cheese was really good although on certain chips toward the bottom the cheese wasn’t all the way melted (given it was a take-out order I can overlook this since over-melted hard cheese is much worse).  Combination of pinto beans and BBQ pulled pork were excellent and the jalapenos had a nice kick, but weren’t too spicy.  Total stars 5/5

Toppings to chips ratio – we did have to get a couple extra chips to finish all the toppings but overall the ratio was quite high and I’d always prefer to have leftover toppings rather than leftover chips!  Total stars 4.5/5

Freshness – I think it could use a little more “fresh” ingredients like tomatoes or crisp lettuce (again this may come down to the take-out aspect).  The guacamole and jalapenos were both extremely fresh and a great addition.  Total Stars 4/5

Crunchiness of chips – There were a couple on the top that had a little too much topping and the chip was a little soggy but there were plenty of chips at the bottom so I could make a “nacho sandwich” preserving some crisp.  Total stars 4.5/5

Creativeness – Although a tad unique in using the BBQ pulled pork, the rest of the ingredients were pretty standard nacho.  Total stars 3/5

My final ranking is 21 out of 25 stars or 85%


One thought on “Sante Fe (Wilmington, DE) BBQ Pork Nachos

  1. Katie, I think you’ve nailed the key considerations of evaluating nachos. And your description of these nachos made me feel like I was in DE sharing them with you guys! Looking forward to learning more about nachos in the east coast!

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