Video of the Week

Here is a little gem circa 1989.  I was 10 when this video came out and Paula Abdul was my ultimate vocal hero.  So much so, my friends & I asked for “Paula power” to help us make our free throws during our basketball games.  God we were really dumb.  But, here I am 25 years later and it’s Paula’s classic little video featuring an animated cat that I choose for this weeks video.  Watch it with the kids and explain that Paula wasn’t always the drunk/high judge on AI, but after she was a Laker girl, she was a talented pop star who made some pretty awesome videos.

One thought on “Video of the Week

  1. Great first video post Liz! While I listened to this song over and over again in the 80s (and have my own dance routine), this was my first time watching the video! And as a shout out to Paula Abdul: I picked “Cold Hearted Snake” as my lip synch song in class– yes, there is a video of me singing this somewhere.

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