I picked “Glamorous” by Fergie as my first video posting as this song always reminds me of when Katie, Liz, and I were on a weekend-long girl’s trip in Florida.  This song was one of our theme songs for the weekend and I’m pretty sure describes how we looked and behaved all weekend.  As I was preparing for this post, this was actually my first time watching Fergie’s video for this song.  The video pretty much serves to illustrate the lyrics of this song.  The video starts out with a shout out to Luda, who is one of my favorite hip-hopsters and am glad is featured on this song, followed by what I assume is Fergie in her non-glamorous days: that’s right, drinking out of solo red cups, wearing t-shirts, and big gold hoops.  The video goes on to illustrate such scenes as her drive throughs at Taco Bell (including a throw-back 80s scene in her old days!), her on her glamorous film jet plans and film sets, and even her talking to her daddy.  Although Fergie does indeed look very glamorous in certain scenes, and even captures some emotional expressions like when she gets so annoyed with her glamorous lifestyle, she needs to knock over a champagne glass, I feel what the video is missing is a lot more dancing scenes. While this song and video has a lot of sentimental value to me, I’m going to have to rate it as a 2.5 out of 5.

Enjoy and as an extra bonus, I’ve added a link to her lyrics.

La Pena Nachos – Kennett Square PA

Andy and I were looking for some good authentic mexican food on Sunday and came across this little gem.  Although the exterior doesn’t look like much, the food was authentic and they had a very interesting take on nachos.   We’ll see how they stack up against the other contenders at the end:

Toppings:  The toppings were very simple but all came together very well.  It was interesting since this might be the first time that I had nachos where the cheese wasn’t melted on the chips but instead on a serving of refried beans (which you could then dip the chips in).  In addition, there were fresh tomatoes and chunks of avocado (no guacamole) along with a couple salsas for dipping.   I thought the presentation of the beans/cheese and using avocado chunks made these nachos very unique.  I would say an area for improvement would be the addition of a couple toppings that I enjoy on nachos like fresh lettuce, sour cream, or olives.  Total stars 3.5/5

Toppings to chip ratio – this was almost perfect but we did have some leftover toppings (maybe 1 or 2 chips worth).  Total stars 4/5

Freshness – The tomatoes and avocado that were included on the nachos were very fresh, and chips made in house.  Total stars 4.5/5

Crunchiness of chips – these chips were the highlight of the nachos.  They were homemade and not a single one was soggy.  Total stars 5/5

Creativeness – Although the ingredients were pretty standard for nachos, I really enjoyed the uniqueness of these nachos in the presentation.  Total stars 3/5

My final ranking is 20 out of 25: 80%

IMG_1688 IMG_1690

Katie’s Favorite Song from 1982

To follow with Liz’s post on her wedding song from 1982, I thought that I would add my favorite song from that same year.  Although entirely different genre of music, it also bring backs many great memories for me (mostly from karaoke bars and 80’s hair band concerts)!  The video has some great 80’s hair and outfits so hope you enjoy!!




Video of the Week

Our First Dance

Our First Dance

I married my husband on June 28, 2013.  We are newlyweds and have savored each moment of wedded bliss.  We have days where we still love to look at our wedding photos and marvel at the beautiful day that was all about us.  Our wedding was perfect-or at least we think so.  The venue, the food, the music, the cupcakes (and gluten free cake!), the minister.  All.  Were.  Perfect.  We are not the type to have “a song” and even though we loved the song we did end up choosing, I think there could have been a dozen other great choices.  We wanted something to show that we weren’t taking our first dance as husband & wife too seriously-all first dance songs are a bit cheesy, so we just went all out.  Enter “Up Where We Belong” written by Jack Nitzsche, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Will Jennings.  It was written in 1982 for the best Richard Gere film ever created, “An Officer and a Gentleman”.   It won an Acadamey Award and a Golden Globe .  The song is originally sung by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes, who won a Grammy for the song in 1983.  The video below is from their performance at the Grammy’s and just for comparison’s sake, I also added an updated rendition of the song, sung by Philip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez.  My husband & I loved American Idol so thought it was fitting…”The road is long, there are mountains in our way, but we climb a step every day”.



Sante Fe (Wilmington, DE) BBQ Pork Nachos

Last night Andy and I got take-out nachos from a local taqueria.  Let’s start by saying take-out nachos are not an easy thing for restaurants to do well, and overall these nachos lived up to the hype.  I like to rate on the below categories but overall, these would be rated very strong:

Toppings – Nachos were loaded with melted cheese, pinto beans, BBQ pulled pork, some lettuce.  Jalapenos came on the side as well as sour cream and guacamole.  The cheese was really good although on certain chips toward the bottom the cheese wasn’t all the way melted (given it was a take-out order I can overlook this since over-melted hard cheese is much worse).  Combination of pinto beans and BBQ pulled pork were excellent and the jalapenos had a nice kick, but weren’t too spicy.  Total stars 5/5

Toppings to chips ratio – we did have to get a couple extra chips to finish all the toppings but overall the ratio was quite high and I’d always prefer to have leftover toppings rather than leftover chips!  Total stars 4.5/5

Freshness – I think it could use a little more “fresh” ingredients like tomatoes or crisp lettuce (again this may come down to the take-out aspect).  The guacamole and jalapenos were both extremely fresh and a great addition.  Total Stars 4/5

Crunchiness of chips – There were a couple on the top that had a little too much topping and the chip was a little soggy but there were plenty of chips at the bottom so I could make a “nacho sandwich” preserving some crisp.  Total stars 4.5/5

Creativeness – Although a tad unique in using the BBQ pulled pork, the rest of the ingredients were pretty standard nacho.  Total stars 3/5

My final ranking is 21 out of 25 stars or 85%


Video of the Week

Here is a little gem circa 1989.  I was 10 when this video came out and Paula Abdul was my ultimate vocal hero.  So much so, my friends & I asked for “Paula power” to help us make our free throws during our basketball games.  God we were really dumb.  But, here I am 25 years later and it’s Paula’s classic little video featuring an animated cat that I choose for this weeks video.  Watch it with the kids and explain that Paula wasn’t always the drunk/high judge on AI, but after she was a Laker girl, she was a talented pop star who made some pretty awesome videos.