Surprise Find in Copenhagen: Nachos at Rosie McGee’s

While at an Irish bar watching an England vs. Iceland “football” game (European Championship 2016) in Copenhagen, Denmark, we very pleasantly stumbled upon the Mexican menu – and had to have the nachos yo. And the reviews were: “it’s really good…try them, I’m being serious” – Tina Patel.

Upon their  arrival, our first observation was, wow, they actually look pretty good, presented in a skillet with the nachos ever so slightly browned at the edges and cheddar cheese melted in several layers. The condiments were all on the side in individual pots: the guac was ok, not so chunky or fresh and a bit too creamy, but still quite tasty with multiple flavor layers. The salsa was too sweet and quite bland – we passed on most of it. The sour cream was good – although it’s not hard to get that wrong. And the jalapeños were good although could have been more spicy.

Overall, the nachos were a pleasant surprise, were all polished off…and was a good distraction to the outcome of the football game (which saw England exit Europe for the second time in under a week).

picture pending…


Cheap Thrills – Sia and Sean Paul

I haven’t posted about music videos in a while for two reasons . . .  My favorite music video TV channel has decreased the amount of time they play music videos so I just haven’t been watching them that much (obviously this needed to change), and I just hadn’t seen any that I’ve liked that much recently.  Well, I’m happy to say, my music video drought has ended.  Pragya introduced me to 3 new channels that play music videos pretty much continuously and I’ve already found one that I liked!!  I really enjoy the women in the black mask particularly when she tries to flip over the man and falls!